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Where were you when Apollo flew to the moon and landed for the first time on July 20, 1969? I can remember exactly where I was and whom I was with. I was back in Germany about a week and was walking down the street in a small town with my friend Fish. As we strolled […]

We spend an afternoon at the country Bumpkin with Bill, Cheryl and Will Cox as they accompanied the Oblong Illinois Cub Scout Pack on an outing for Halloween. A good time was had by all. Thanks for inviting us Bill, Cheryl and Will! Gene Click on the link below to view pictures.

While being detained by a group of people in Mindanao in 2001 “Osama Bin Gene” irritates his captors by putting a towel around his head and pretending to be one of their fearless leaders. They did not appear to be as amused. After three days his hosts decided to release him.

Melinda Kerins from the Mag-Anak group visited Davao City earlier this year and spent some time with Mai and Dave Wilson. Here are some pictures of that get together courtesy of Melinda. Thank you for the pictures and for the visit. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Mai and Dave Wilson Mai, Melinda […]

Would you like to live here?

I think I would enjoy living here but the road would be problematic in a snow or ice storm. I wish I knew where this estate was located. I merely saw the picture without any other information and it looks unique.