EUM Archive

Gene, Mai and Fred Wilson as the holy family during Christmas services on Christmas Eve at the EUM. Church in Oblong, Illinois. Our family enjoyed the opportunity to portray the holy family. The privilege traditionally goes to the family with the youngest child and this year Fred was the youngest. More pictures can be viewed […]

The church we attend presented its Christmas program on December 21, 2008. Here are some pictures taken during that presentation. Click on the pictures for a larger view of the occasion.

On September 20, 2008 Mai, Dave and Gene Wilson went fishing with Tony McMorris at the Olney Lake. We left our home in Oblong Illinois and met Tony at his house at one o’clock for the trip to the lake in his boat. We were all excited for the chance to fish and to become […]

There was a wonderful Halloween party at Kyle and Tawnya Bailey’s house on Friday, October 3, 2008 in the country South of Oblong, Illinois. Here are some of the pictures I snapped of the evening. Thanks Kyle and Tawnya! Click on the link below to view pictures.