Dave Wilson Archive

Dave looks about the area after arriving in Pearl Farm and sees many things which interest him. Click on image for a larger picture. Dave has first look at Pearl Farm.

Dave Wilson has been looking at Mommy and Daddy for a week and saying, "boat ride" and today is the day he gets the boat ride. On January 6, 2008 the Wilson Family went to The Parl Farm resort for a day trip. Click on image for larger picture. Dave Wilson waits patiently for his […]

Dave Wilson Discovers charcoal

Dave Wilson Discovers charcoal. We have a large bag of charcoal in our garage for our Bar-B-Cue and recently Dave discovered the joys of playing in that bag. These pictures document that experience. You may click on the images below to view the full size picture. I hope you can see by the pictures that […]

Dave Wilson of Davao City Philippines son of Gene and Mezraim Wilson models Cub Scout shirt from Oblong Illinois which was a gift from his cousin Will Cox.

* Dave Wilson at Kansilad Resort in Surigao Del Sur. He is standing in a cave looking quite in control of the situation. Mommy says he is copying his daddy. I think he is much more handsome than dad though. You may view the full size pictures by clicking on individual photos which will give […]