Dave Wilson Archive

Dave Wilson spent part of the morning at the Oblong Public Library attending a reading and art work project for children. The above picture shows his creation. Dave enjoyed the reading and the craft project. Daddy like to see the little boy have a good time and has hung the original on the wall of […]

Dave Wilson discovered TV dinners and he likes them. He requested more and of course his wish was granted! Dave has embraced his new environment. He is having fun with his new home and the new things in his life.

Curious Dave at the resort

Dave looks around at all the new things to see and to play with as his mom and dad relax on the beach. Dave looks at everything with his curious exploration of the resort

Dad and Dave

Dave Wilson and his Father Gene Wilson play together near the ocean on Samal Island. Click on image for a larger picture. Dave and Gene Wilson on Samal Island

Dave looks at fish.

Mommy, I see fish! I see fish! Dave Wilson looks at a number of beautiful fish being fed by an employee of the Pearl Farm Resort shortly after his boat ride to the island of Samal. Click on image for a larger picture.