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Randy’s new friend Christina is a nice woman. I am posting some pictures of her for Randy’s friends and family to see. Christina 1 Christina 2 Christina 3 Click on images for full sized pictures. Please register and leave comments for Randy and his friend Christina as we wish them the most wonderful and happy […]

Dave Wilson of Davao City Philippines son of Gene and Mezraim Wilson models Cub Scout shirt from Oblong Illinois which was a gift from his cousin Will Cox.

Randy Gibler of Oblong Illinois is visiting in Davao City and has found a friend he is very fond of by the Name of Christina. Trina as she is known to her friends is a very nice young lady, Pretty, intelligent and funny. Here are Randy and Tina together. I know they like each other […]

Gordon Rogers with wife Cherry and daughter Maria as they browse the items displayed for sale at the Oblong Fall Follies in Oblong, Illinois! It is nice to see a family so full of the joy of life who obviously love each other and enjoying being together. The Rogers Family of Fort Branch Indiana The […]

Maria Rogers and Her New Doll

Maria Rogers poses with the doll that she received as a gift from Randy Gibler at the Fall Follies. Thank you Randy for making her day so nice! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what a kind hearted and gentle person you are. It will just be our secret. Seeing the joy on her face […]