Guests in Davao Archive

Randy Gibler and his fiance Tina at Pearl Farm Resort on January 6, 2008. Click on image for a larger picture. Randy and Tina appear happy together as they walk together as they walk from the boat to the beach at the Pearl Farm Resort on the Philippine island of Samal which is located thirty […]

Melinda Kerins from the Mag-Anak group visited Davao City earlier this year and spent some time with Mai and Dave Wilson. Here are some pictures of that get together courtesy of Melinda. Thank you for the pictures and for the visit. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Mai and Dave Wilson Mai, Melinda […]

Tina In A Tree!

Randy’s friend Christina climbs a tree to pick some fresh fruit. The lansonnes look nice. I believe Tina is a happy girl and Randy likes her very much. Running away from home is not for everyone but it has worked for me. I suspect that Randy believe it is working for him also. Tina in […]

Randy’s new friend Christina is a nice woman. I am posting some pictures of her for Randy’s friends and family to see. Christina 1 Christina 2 Christina 3 Click on images for full sized pictures. Please register and leave comments for Randy and his friend Christina as we wish them the most wonderful and happy […]

Randy Gibler of Oblong Illinois is visiting in Davao City and has found a friend he is very fond of by the Name of Christina. Trina as she is known to her friends is a very nice young lady, Pretty, intelligent and funny. Here are Randy and Tina together. I know they like each other […]