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Randy has a home for his bride

This may be the place where my friend Randy will start his life with his new bride in only a few months! I do wish them a happy and wonderful life together. I hope Randy will be able to continue to afford a house of this quality in light of the current economic downturn. May […]

Randy Gibler and his fiance Tina at Pearl Farm Resort on January 6, 2008. Click on image for a larger picture. Randy and Tina appear happy together as they walk together as they walk from the boat to the beach at the Pearl Farm Resort on the Philippine island of Samal which is located thirty […]

Tina In A Tree!

Randy’s friend Christina climbs a tree to pick some fresh fruit. The lansonnes look nice. I believe Tina is a happy girl and Randy likes her very much. Running away from home is not for everyone but it has worked for me. I suspect that Randy believe it is working for him also. Tina in […]

Gordon Rogers with wife Cherry and daughter Maria as they browse the items displayed for sale at the Oblong Fall Follies in Oblong, Illinois! It is nice to see a family so full of the joy of life who obviously love each other and enjoying being together. The Rogers Family of Fort Branch Indiana The […]

Maria Rogers and Her New Doll

Maria Rogers poses with the doll that she received as a gift from Randy Gibler at the Fall Follies. Thank you Randy for making her day so nice! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what a kind hearted and gentle person you are. It will just be our secret. Seeing the joy on her face […]