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Dave Wilson discovered TV dinners and he likes them. He requested more and of course his wish was granted! Dave has embraced his new environment. He is having fun with his new home and the new things in his life.

While being detained by a group of people in Mindanao in 2001 “Osama Bin Gene” irritates his captors by putting a towel around his head and pretending to be one of their fearless leaders. They did not appear to be as amused. After three days his hosts decided to release him.

Happy Birthday! It was a wonderful day when we celebrated Cody Wilson’s birthday. We all enjoyed being together and we all love Cody! I hope you have many more happy birthdays and I hope I am able to share in the birthday celebrations with you and the rest of our family.   Love always, Grandpa

Mai likes the Dukes of Hazzard. We watched all of the recent movies and she was almost falling off the bed with laughter! She might fit in with rural Oblong, Illinois. I was really surprised when she showed so much enjoyment of the movies. I really thought it would be a snapshot of an unfamiliar […]

Since we have been home in Oblong I have discovered that Mai enjoys the old television show, Leave It To Beaver. She laughs and has a great time watching the drama about Beaver as he navigates his way through 1950’s America. She is aware that the show is more than half a century old and […]