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Dave looks about the area after arriving in Pearl Farm and sees many things which interest him. Click on image for a larger picture. Dave has first look at Pearl Farm.

Dave Wilson has been looking at Mommy and Daddy for a week and saying, "boat ride" and today is the day he gets the boat ride. On January 6, 2008 the Wilson Family went to The Parl Farm resort for a day trip. Click on image for larger picture. Dave Wilson waits patiently for his […]

Dave Wilson Discovers charcoal

Dave Wilson Discovers charcoal. We have a large bag of charcoal in our garage for our Bar-B-Cue and recently Dave discovered the joys of playing in that bag. These pictures document that experience. You may click on the images below to view the full size picture. I hope you can see by the pictures that […]

Randy Gibler and his fiance Tina at Pearl Farm Resort on January 6, 2008. Click on image for a larger picture. Randy and Tina appear happy together as they walk together as they walk from the boat to the beach at the Pearl Farm Resort on the Philippine island of Samal which is located thirty […]