Tina In A Tree!

Randy’s friend Christina climbs a tree to pick some fresh fruit. The lansonnes look nice. I believe Tina is a happy girl and Randy likes her very much. Running away from home is not for everyone but it has worked for me. I suspect that Randy believe it is working for him also.

Tina in fruit tree – Click picture for larger image.
tina _lansones

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I think Randy is enjoying his visit to the Philippines and his friendship with Tina!


4 Responses to “Tina In A Tree!”  

  1. 1 gordon

    Great picture of Christina. She is such a beautiful gal and we are very happy that Randy and Tina has developed a friendship. Is is exciting to see the pictures and have updates. I get so excited I dream of visiting.

  2. 2 Gene

    Hi Gordon,

    I think Tina is a blessing for Randy and enjoy a happier Randy emerge more each day. I think time will give us an answer about whether they are destined to be partners and hope they make choices which will bring happiness to both of them.

    I can pick you up at the airport when ever you arrive. Just let us know when you will be here. There is always room for another friend at Casa Wilson!

    Your friend,

  3. 3 Joe Show

    I was curious what type of fruit tree this is…

    Sounds like Randy is very lucky to have found such a nice friend.

    – Joe Davis

  4. 4 Gene

    Hi Joe,

    That is a lanzonnes tree. The fruit is generally a little bigger than a average to large grape and the fruit is very sweet. I like it.

    I agree Tina is a delightful lady and Randy is lucky to have found her.


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