Randy’s new friend Christina is a nice woman. I am posting some pictures of her for Randy’s friends and family to see.

Christina 1
Christina 2
Christina 3 Click on images for full sized pictures.

Please register and leave comments for Randy and his friend Christina as we wish them the most wonderful and happy lives!


2 Responses to “Pictures of Randy Gibler’s friend Christina!”  

  1. 1 gordon


    It was exciting to see the lovely pictures of your friend; she is a beautiful young lady. We are so happy to see you entering into this new chapter in your life. Although I have not meet or talked with Christina I feel good about this. We are looking forward to a wonderful future. Talk care, we think the world of you, Gene and family. By the way, Maria Christina asked that I tell you she likes your friend’s name.

    Rogers Family

  2. 2 Gene

    Hi Gordon,

    It is great to hear from you. I certainly agree with your Maria that Christina is a wonderful name. Please tell Maria hello for me and give her my love.

    Randy’s friend Christina is a nice woman and the two of them are getting to know each other. I am so glad to see Randy get up each morning seemingly happier with the passing of each day. He appears as a new man compared to when he left the United States and continues to grow as a person. It is such a privilege to be able to see him as he makes these internal and external changes in his life.

    I believe Randy will have wonderful stories to tell you when he returns to the states.

    Thanks for being a friend, I know you and Cherry have been instrumental in helping Randy as he makes positive changes in his life as have Eric and Luz and all the other unmentioned caring people in his life.

    May your holidays be happy and I hope Santa leaves a little something for my little friend Maria.

    Love always your friend,

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