Gordon Rogers with wife Cherry and daughter Maria as they browse the items displayed for sale at the Oblong Fall Follies in Oblong, Illinois! It is nice to see a family so full of the joy of life who obviously love each other and enjoying being together.

The Rogers Family of Fort Branch Indiana
The Rogers Family

The Rogers family traveled from their home in Fort Branch, Indiana to spend the day with us at the festival and to watch the parade with us. Cherry and Maria watched the parade from near my home and the entrance to the Oblong park. They received many pounds of candy which was thrown from the parade participants as they passed our location.

Maria was very kind and came to me often offering candy tor me. It is a pleasure to spend time with my friends. I had the pleasure of introducing them to my grandson James Wilson as well as other friends around our village. I hope they found the town friendly and will come back soon to visit.

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