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I do not want to ride this ship

I do not want to ride this ship! Click on the photo below for a larger higher quality picture! Old Ship There are all kinds of vessels in Philippine waters. I think it would be a very big deal to me to take a trip on this ship! It appears to be almost falling away […]

Soda Water spring

On Camiguin Island, Philippines there is a natural Soda Water spring. The local government has created a swimming pool of this naturally occurring carbonated water. It tastes just like unflavored soda water from bottles in the grocery. Click on the picture below to view a larger higher quality picture. Welcome Soda Swimming pool! In the […]

A beautiful woman prepares! It is not easy being beautiful and attractive. If anyone doubts how much work is involved in being fashionable just look at Mezraim as she prepares to be seen. Click on the photo below for a bigger and higher quality picture. A woman prepares She is quite nice. Gene

A lovely platter of fried fish at Camiguin Island. This is all one fish and tasted great! Click on the pictures below for a larger and better quality picture!

Eric and Luz

Eric and Luz Eric and Luz 1 Eric and Luz 2