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Today, March 31, 2007 is Dave Wilson’s second birthday. His first present was from his cousin Will Cox. Thanks Will! Dave with picture of his new best toy. Dave has been smiling like this since he received the gift. Above and below are pictures of Dave looking at pictures of Will. If the rest of […]

    Dave Wilson age one year eleven months and twenty seven days with his father Donald E. “Gene” Wilson of Oblong, Illinois, Davao City Philippines and elsewhere. Dave and Gene are at a waterfall on Camiguin Island, Philippines. Dave and his family are going to celebrate his second birthday on March 31, 2007.

Dexie Ortega relaxes on the beach. Hi Richard, Wish you were here! Come here Honey!!!! I am waiting for you here Richard! Where are you today? I am just lonely without you dear! Dexie Ortega on the beach alone in Dukas Bay Resort and Paras Beach resort and White Island Camiguin.

Here we are! Gene and Mai laugh with and at each other as Randy Gibler takes picture. It was great to have Randy visit us from the cultural center of my youth, Oblong Illinois. Please come back and see us again soon!

Oblong Illinois Men   Randy Gibler and Todd Gibler pose with friends from the Philippines near Davao City, Mindanao Republic of The Philippines. Oblong boys win war! I don’t see any French in them! Randy looks around and comments this is not Kansas! It is not Oblong, Illinois either!